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I waited 55 min for here to send address. I just happened to check my secret she responded to an old asking to meet tonight at the same time I was waiting to get her address.


When I said no thanks she texted me. You dodged a bullet. I saw her a couple weeks ago. I stupidly thought it was incall and did not confirm that before.

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It was a quasi car date that was lackluster at best. Rushed BBBJ and cfs, said she hated cum so no cim. She did text me when I was on my way home thinking I was her dealer, which was kind of funny, but not worth the time and money, that's for sure. Has anyone experienced the services this young lady offers. Her ad is in Beauty services. Phone is posted if you click the reply button. Quoted me 90 for the hour, but I have not asked for further information at this time.

She also offers videos and video sessions according to her post. I ran across these two in the Household Services section. I asked if they were available for companionship and their reply was "yes we are". I ed them, but they also have listed if you click the reply button. The ad says they are in Latonia, KY. I haven't heard back from them after my reply, but it maybe today. The title of their ad is "When in doubt were in route.

I talked this chick awhile back.

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Never met up. Texted an add with a pic of a diff girl. Figured it was a scam, but I was bored. Jess replied sent pix. I used to talk to her quite a bit.

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She is an airhead for sure if she's legit. She's been texting me everything under the sun today. Wants to give a massage or sell videos. She will call on phone. But idk. Plus she's a bit of a drive.

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Its not her. I've talked the actual girl a few times. She isn't that bad imo. Just never visited. I asked why the random pic, she says we are both cute blondes. Andcshe don't want her face online. Even tho I posted it here LOL. You need to clear some space in your inbox.

She had come over to mine at the time and took the uber out of the cost. She says she's Has an apartment. Offer cleaning services plus more massage, fetish etc. Anyone partake and have any info? They're legit. They have pretty extreme rules but they'll do some light cleaning, topless Lexi or nude Dani massage. They'll let you rub their feet.

But absolutely no extras beyond that. You can find an ad in household services and also beauty on CL. That was before they posted the massage ad in beauty section, which also states "you save your nutt". These two are familiar faces from LC. If I have time I'll look.

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I took a swing at the bat with this one. She's in Covington.

Ohio Sluts

Def not the girl in the photo. Offered hhr massage or hr. She is friendly and talkative but the massage was basically a light rub down limited to the back.

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Offered the HE hand only. Won't return. Original post is gone. You have contact info. For her? Here is a link to another one of her. Of course the pic is not her. The pics in other posts are her, and the same ones she was posting on snapchat months ago when she was staying at the Days Inn in Florence. Good luck! What has happened to Craigslist Cincinnati listings?

I never had much success finding action there, but I would read the Activities Partners section to see what people were thinking of. I was away from the site for a couple weeks, and now there is nothing at all there. Did proposals for what used to be called Casual Encounters move somewhere else, or what? CL Dropped that shit a few years ago. Like Misformaster said, the personals have been gone for probably 4 years. I would assume that the activities for "plumbers" and "woodworkers" are being blocked or deleted by CL since they are sexual in nature by a bunch of gay men wanting to suck and be sucked.

Good luck finding a woman on there to have fun with. I did find one, but she was looking for a couple to play with.

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She had a smoking body though. You can find a few in the beauty section from time to time, but it is massages by crazy Jennifer that used to be in Dent that has been discussed on this site, and also the chick in Covington. She told me her name was Jessica but I think also goes by Jennifer. Good luck and stay safe! For what it's worth, I never or rarely post. I'm an ahole, sorry, I'll do better! I even more rarely follow thru on a crgslist review but this was exactly like the review said here.

Ad usually says haircuts and massage or something like that in Covington KY. Ad gets pulled like every day but I can connect you to a cached version, pics and her Cincinnati craigslist for sex swing if PM me. Anyway, here's the fun part: I saw this woman in Covington, KY who advertises haircuts and bodywork based on other forum thre. She was on Craigslist so I figured since I n3 eded a haircut, completely legit haircut, I would reach out.

She got back same day to me with svcs and without asking said she also did eros mssg. I said me up for Friday evening, big mistake with the bridge traffic, BTW, but got there about 15 M late. Private residence, easy parking, and full on setup for all spa services chair for cuts, waxing, grooming, full heated table for bodywork as well.

She has a big screen TV and the whole setup is awesome.

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Did the haircut first but then right down to business on the table after. She has a sliding scale dep on how much she wears during the massage. I opted for nada and off she went. Face down first was awesome with the heated table. ZIP: 45219 45213 45212 45211 45217 45216 45214 45233 45225 45237 45229 45226 45227 45224 45232 45230 45204 45205 45206 45207 45202 45203 45208 45209 45223 45239 45238 45220 45201 45221 45250 45254 45262 45263 45264 45267 45268 45269 45270 45271 45273 45274 45275 45296 45299

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